Unreal Doc Commenting


UE4 is a huge program and keeping the doc up-to-date must be very hard.

Epic stuff is doing their best to update Doc. But it is not good enough or could be better and community needs an up-to-date Doc, so what can we do.

My suggestion is a comment system.

Think of it like this. Someone is reading an information from Doc and realized that some info is wrong/not good enough/obsolute. He/she selects that part of the Doc and leaves a comment saying “This should be/is …”. Then Epic stuff checks it and if necessery changes Doc accordingly.

A very simple, fast, direct to point feedback system.

Of course Epic can set rules for that system and anyone who violates these rules will get a punishment.

This is just an idea that came to mind, and of course Epic decides whether to do it or not.

Have a great day everyone.

Well there is a section devoted just to the Documentation. Although it does sound like a cool idea. But still… there is a section devoted to it. :slight_smile:

Yes please! Back when I worked with Sencha Touch user comments on the documentation saved my life dozens of times! Please please please!

@94 Yes, but using it feels like trying to kill a fly with a tank. You open a whole new thread and say, hey this is misspelled :expressionless:

Of course it doesnt have to be made, but we need faster systems to provide feedback.

I know no epic stuff can come in and say “okey, i decided this is the next goal of Epic, we are going to do it”… probably.

I know there is a decision making process. Just talk about this idea and do whatever you want.

This is something we are planning. Our goal is something similar to what the PHP documentation does.

The feedback section here is just a first tiny step to providing a way for you all to let us know when you find outdated or incorrect info. It’s not really a good solution for directly helping out other users. The only way that works is by providing the info right there on the page they are viewing. Allowing comments seems like the logical solution there.

We also want to allow you to send feedback directly from the page so you don’t have to go to a forum and make a post.

These are the short term solutions we have in mind. We are looking into building a whole new platform for the learning resources as a longer term solution. :slight_smile:

As a note why i want such a feature. I don’t know if you would read but…

For my game, which is a chess game, i needed a class which runs a subprocess and interacts with it constantly(sending and receiving messages).

So i have made a lot of research and asked people about how to do it. There is no ready made one that does what i want. So i figured i need to use FPlatformProcess class and make a new class makes things easier for me. So i have been working on it a lot recently. When it comes to finding the info you want from Doc… Not every page of the Doc is that great and explanatory. For example to find a proper example usage of FPlatformProcess::CreateProc() i had to use this command at windows cmd

curl -k --user “Ceset” > C:\Users\Ceset\Desktop\UnrealSearch.rtf

Which by using my GitHub account, it searches Unreal repository’s /Engine/Source/Runtime/Core path for the code ‘CreateProc’ and then prints the output to C:\Users\Ceset\Desktop\UnrealSearch.rtf

What more is i found this accidentally at line 1823 of

	// try launching the tool and wait for its exit, if at all
	// Use fork() & execl() as they are async-signal safe, CreateProc can fail in Cocoa
	int32 ReturnCode = 0;
	pid_t ForkPID = fork();

Which makes me more hesitated.

I am not a seasoned veteran, i don’t know much about platform specific programming, plus i am very new to UE4.

I mean seriously, we need ways to get up-to-date and well explained Doc.

Thanks Jeff :slight_smile:

I am happy now

Awesome! That sound like it is going to be great!