Unreal development on different platforms

Hi, I have a project that was originally created on Windows and I wanted to try out the same project on Linux.
I have installed the Epic Games Launcher version of the Engine (4.25.1) on Windows and manually compiled version (4.25.1-release) on Linux.
So my problem is that when opening the project on Linux it tells me there is a version difference and it suggests me to create a copy of the project which I don’t want.
Is there a way I can open the original project on Linux? Thanks.

It may be related to the EngineAssociation in the uproject. If you create a new project on your linux machine and with the UE version you want to open the project, you can copy the EngineAssociation string from that new projects uproject to your mentioned uproject file.

I am afraid I need to open an already existing Windows project on Linux, so that will not work for me. But thanks, good to know.