Unreal Developers: Unofficial Discord Community

Hello everyone! I just wanted to stop by and introduce you all to a new community that I’m creating called Unreal Developers now available on Discord. Read more about it below if you are interested and for the link to the server!

What is Unreal Developers?
Unreal Developers is a community of developers brought together with the power of Discord that can start a conversation and share their work with anything related to EPIC and Unreal Engine.

Why Discord?
Discord is awesome! There are a lot of tools already implemented in the server allowing us to get most of our updates all in one place. For example if you check the #events channel, when @UnrealEngine goes live on Twitch for their weekly updates, you will get notified through Discord. We even have direct Reddit implementation to allow users to help get notified when someone is looking for help or other information. There are no limits with the amount of members that are able to join the community unlike other platforms.

What features do you have?
Right now we have full Reddit support linking directly from the /r/UnrealEngine subreddit into our #reddit channel on Discord. It’s pretty cool to see stuff posted live and check it out all the click of a button. We also have Twitch support in our #events channel alerting everyone when EPIC goes live on Twitch to talk about all the latest goodies they have in their bag. Have an idea? Come by and let us know in #feedback and let’s work together to see if we can come up with something and make it work.

Can I join the server?
Of course you can the community is open to everyone on the face of this planet. We stick to a level of professional manner to be sure that everyone is treated equally and to help developers meet more people. What are you waiting for? The link is below to help you get started. Come by and say hi!


Good work, but the Unreal Slackers community is moving to Discord this week. I’m sure there’ll be a post in here once it’s happened.

Well I haven’t seen one pop yet so I went ahead and created one. If they have a much larger community then we will just make the move to there. Not that difficult honestly.

can i get an invite to the slackers discord?

NVM found it in the forums