Unreal Developers LA: Tues July 28th: The Business of Marketing and Selling Your Game

This is a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for a long time now. I’ve seen too many very ambitious and well meaning teams getting together with the intention of making the next big game without giving any thought on how they are actually going to market and profit from their endeavors.

The art & process of making games is definitely a lot of fun but it requires a lot of planning and organization and it’s a lot more work than most people realize. It’s very idealistic to think you can just plug away with your friends sitting in your mama’s house working away til your masterpiece is finished and then magically one day you’ll announce your project on Kickstarter and become rich and famous!

So let’s see how this meet up goes…I’ve spoken to a number of people interested in sharing their experience and knowledge with us and I’m sure we’ll be addressing this topic quite a bit in the future.

Also I 'd like to start doing more regular meet ups but for this I also need your help too. If you have ideas for topics, know people or are interested in presenting yourself, have a place we can use to have our meet ups please do come forward and contact me.

What are the chances of something on the East Coast? (Not NYC)