Unreal Developer

Experienced Unreal Developer (m/f/*) Full-time On-site in Cologne Area

We’re looking for an experienced Unreal Developer to work on our upcoming game projects.

Your profile

You’re a hands-on developer / programmer. Your approach to problem-solving is to look for the long term solutions and a systematic approach. To achieve this, you don’t shy away from discussions with other coders, being able to both give and receive constructive feedback in the process. You’re experienced with and want to develop in the Unreal Engine – and you know why.


• Proficient in C++ and development for Unreal Engine
• Launched at least one commercial game
• Well-versed in best practices, production pipelines and workflows
• Experience with programming in a team
• Skilled communicator in both verbal and written exchanges


• Knowledge of other programming languages
• Ability to take on the lead development role in a small team
• Experience in tools design • Experience with developing for consoles
• Experience with porting
• Experience in other areas related to game development, such as game / level design, modelling, rigging, animation, etc

What you would be doing

Your job is to be our guide as we delve deeper and deeper into development in Unreal. You’ll be involved in the production of our projects from start to finish. You’ll work with the lead engineers and designers to establish our pipelines and workflows for development in Unreal. In your day to day, you’ll work directly in-engine, programming systems and gameplay as needed and converting blueprints into efficient C++. You can also develop tools for the designers and artists to better implement their designs and assets. You’ll participate in regular code review meetings to establish the ground rules for our development together with the other engineers.

Perks & Benefits

• Unlimited work contract
• A beautiful, industrial style office with lots of air
• 30 days of paid vacation per year
• Money and time budget for training and education
• Once a year: One week Game Jam during office hours
• Works Council already established
• Also: public transport ticket for Cologne Area, flexibility to work from home on a regular basis
• regular paid-for team events, team breakfast every Monday, possible discounts for gyms, possible bike sponsorship

Why work with us

We’re in this industry to work on challenging tasks in an exciting environment, together with people who could be – and often are - our friends. We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and respected so that they have space and time to grow. To work with us means to join a kind and generally lighthearted environment and always be confronted with new and exciting tasks to tackle. Our sometimes silly and giddy internal atmosphere is contrasted by our professional attitude towards clients and the dutiful delivery of contract work – it reflects the duality of our studio: games and contract work. We can state without exaggeration that we’re pretty good at what we do. We still make mistakes every day and never stop learning, but we always strive to be fair and respectful towards our peers. If you fit that mold, you should join us!

About us: Massive Miniteam

Massive Miniteam is an award-winning Indie Game Studio in a cozy loft right next to Cologne. We create unique games and experiences that hit the sweet spot between art and entertainment. We also highly value diversity and the mental health and stability of our employees.


Our first own title is SPITLINGS – a Hardcore Arcade Game for 1 – 4 players. It was published by HandyGames and released in 02/2020 on Google Stadia. We’re proud to say we were the first game made in Unity to release on the platform. The game will soon be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well. We also have several other prototypes in development and in our backlog that we haven’t publicly announced yet.

Contract Work:

Apart from working on games, we also pursue a variety of contract work in the realm of AR / VR and E-Learning, to ensure long term stable financial backing and independence for our own game development.

Write us!

If you think you’d be a good fit for us, we’d be happy to take a look at your application! Please include:

• Brief cover letter, including earliest start date and desired salary
• CV
• Link to portfolio

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