Unreal Developer Bow and Arrow Physics VR

Eview is hiring a contractor to create a VR physics based mini game. Platform Oculus Rift

We are looking for a VR bow and arrow simulation. We love the look and feel of the NVidia VR fun house. If you haven’t played it. I believe it is a free download.

Essentially what we need is Bow Physics. The string pull back the arrow launching and a target being hit. The arrow drop off amount should be adjustable via a Blue print parameter. as well as include haptic feed back for launch. It should also start to slowly increase the longer you hold the bow in pull back position.

It needs to feel incredibly intuitive. as good or better then the NVidia version. we are all about the functionality and removing any VR “Clunkyness”

We would also like a moving target Blue Print that we can create custom paths and spawning amounts.

Target Blue print should have a spline path that we can edit. It should include spawn speed. Spawn amount, spawn life span, and it should terminate at the end of the spline.

We are looking to move forward on this right away.

Please send your Resumes and past examples to Anthonyf@eview360.com

***If you don’t have any VR experience or the ability to test your work on a Oculus Rift please do not apply. ***

Hey Anthony, would love to collaborate with you on this. We have a ton of VR bow experience from our work creating Yore VR. You can see a few videos here from our dev vlogs showing the thought process behind it https://youtube.com/watch?v=yr5HEdUyMSs