Unreal deletes Animations after Crash

I have set up a simple state machine for my Animations and it works fine. But when Unreal crashes then it deletes all animations while keeping the logic. This is really annoying because i have to reimport all animations again. I save the project and everything other than animations is still working.

That is really annoying, as sometimes crashes delete files. You can find all file backups inside your project folder autosaves/game, typically the same name + numerical suffixes. You want to close your project, and copy those lost assets from there, then paste them in the same subfolder, rename all files to match the lost files.

So i looked up the Autosave Folder and apperently Unreal has changed all Animations to my Blueprint for the character. It is really strange as the Animations are all named after the Blueprint now.

My recommendation is not to rely on autosave (I always disable it because it didn’t help me a single time) and use source control, in this way you can just restore the files from git/perforce in case they get deleted.

When you import/retarget animations and you don’t press “save all” before the engine crashes all your files with the * symbol are automatically deleted (so if you saved the BP but not the animations it’s pretty normal that what you said is happening).
This applies to every imported or modified asset, it happened to me several times (because UE5 crashes really frequently)

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Ok thanks i will look into that!

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yeap, if they have this symbol they are not saved. This is important the first time you import a file because if you don’t save it after import is like is not in the project, is just in memory.

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