Unreal crashing when adding cine camera

Hi, I’m currently working on a cinematic and I wanted to render video inside the program. So whenever I try to add a cine camera, either through the sequencer or from the drag and drop menu’s, the program crashes and I get this error:


My video drivers are up to date, I uninstalled and reinstalled just in case and it still doesn’t work. My video card is a Radeon Pro 560 4GB (i’m on macbook due to some constraints) if that helps. How can i fix this problem? I’ve been working on this project for 3 months and I really don’t want to switch softwares now.

Hi, I don’t know if it will help now, but I got the same problem and It’s something related with the landscape (terrain) and the camera, if you disable (make it no visible) the terrain, you can move the camera and no crash will happen, I had to do it to move the camera, but after you place the camera and you change to the pilot mode it works as well.

I will investigate more and check if its fixable.
I will also send a bug report.

BTW I’m using the version 4.25, I didn’t test on the 4.26 yet.