Unreal crashing every 20 minutes!!

Hello guys,
Sorry for posting it here, if there is another section, feel free to move the post since I did not know where to put it.

My Unreal is crashing all the time, every 15 - 30 minutes and I lost the nerve for the past three weeks. I updated my drivers to the latest and still the problem persists.
The worse is waiting for it to start up my game since it takes a looong time.

It usually crashes when I change engine quality or a few seconds after I render a video in level sequencer.

Here is the crashlog if it can help you understand my problem and guide me towards a solution. This is becoming unbearable…

It looks like you’re trying to render a 4K video and you’re running out of GPU memory, it looks like your GPU has 2GB of memory which isn’t a lot.

@darthviper107 thank you, it makes sense. So probably, I should get a better graphics card. There’s no other way… This usually happens after a video render.

You could lower the resolution you are exporting out.