Unreal crashing after moving files

Hey all,

i tried to move some files in the content manager (drag file to new location → move here). The unreal engine 4 then crashed and is now crashing everytime i try to start it. How can i fix the problem? Tried to restart my PC with no effect. I also cant redo my action because i cant acess the unreal engine any more.

If someone could tell me the problem and/or how to fix it it would be REALLY appreciated. Here the crash window i get everytime i try to start:

I really dont know how to handle the problem or keep working because i cannot start my project anymore. So yea any help is appreciated!

Also why is so hard to move a file?

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Hello Maffinius!

I am so sorry that you’re having issues with UE4 crashing. I understand how disappointing this can be. Have you checked our AnswerHub? Here is a link for you to check out. Other members have experienced the same type of issue. I hope this helps. Please let us know if you are still having issues after exploring our AnswerHub.

Hey Get_DOVAH_it!

Thanks for your quick response! I found no easy fix unfortunately. So i ended up rebuilding my whole project fixing all references. It looks fine so far the only thing bugging me out:
I cannot get the second player controller. Get player controller always returns “PlayerController” not matter where i call it (in Widgets, Playercontroller, Playerstate). However the Gamemode PostLogin node returns me PlayerController and Playercontroller1 (as it should be). Does anyone know how i can get both player controllers?
Also weird: “Get owning controller” in playerstate returns:
On server:
Playercontroller for Playerstate
Playercontroller1 for Playerstate1

On client:
Playercontroller for Playerstate
Noone for Playerstate1

How does the client knows about the controller of the server but not his own owning controller?

Also my save-game folder appears to be empty but i can data from slot:

How does ue4 load data from an empty file? Has the location of the savegames changed?

Best regards!