Unreal crashes on start (Mac) ,Unreal Crashes On Launch (Mac - UE4 4.1.1)

Hello All,

I have a Macbook Pro with the latest version of Mac OSX and Unreal Engine 4 installed. Every time I run the editor, as soon as it loads, it presents me with the “Welcome to the Unreal Editor” window and crashes. Below is what the crash reporter told me:

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please send this crash report to help improve our software.


Please help!,

OSX V. 10.9.3
2.4 GHz Intel Core i5

I have submitted several crash reports. Several with sad faces :frowning:
Errr. It says here I have a Intel HD Graphics 3000

Hey Galiro,

Sorry you’re having some getting the editor started. Can you tell us your system specs and OS version? You can find it in About This Mac > More Info. Thanks!

Can you also tell me your graphics card information? And did you submit the crash report when it crashed? Thanks!

Hey Galiro,

I’m sorry, but your graphics card is below the minimum system requirements of the current version of UE4, as it doesn’t support OpenGL 4.1. We are working on adding support for OpenGL 3.3 cards such as yours and hopefully it’ll be ready for UE4 4.2 release, which is coming soon.


Ben Halliday

BAM! W00p! Alrighty thanks a bunch! I just need to be un-confused on the matter!

Any estimate on 4.2’s release?

Nothing officially announced. All I can say is soon =)

I’ll check in with the developers and see what they think about the likelyhood of that update being in 4.2 and let you know what they say.


While we are making changes to ensure that more GPUs in older Macs render correctly their performance may remain an issue as they remain beneath the minimum requirements of UE4. UE4 4.2 should contain all the necessary changes to fix the crash you are currently experiencing, but performance on an Intel HD 3000 is likely to be very poor. These integrated GPUs are extremely slow and there is a limit to how much performance we can squeeze out of them.