Unreal Crash

I was working on a character blueprint and hit save when Unreal crashed. I tried restarting and every time it reaches 93 percent it crashes again. I am using perforce however my friend is able to boot up but I am not. Is their a file corrupted file somewhere

I should delete?


Delete the local copy of the obnoxious BP on your WORKSPACE (not the depot) and click get latest revision. It should re-download. OR, have your friend zip up the BP in question and email to you…


Hi RickyDay,

Please try these suggestions and if they do not resolve the issue, respond to this thread and we will continue to investigate.



Thank you. After a long game of “process of elimination” I figured out that I had to many characters in my game and it was bogging down everything. I removed several characters and Unreal boots up again! WooHoo!

Thank you for your response