UNREAL courses on udemy at 95% off (A $200 course is $10) for the next 24 hours

Hi, I thought I should let somebody who is into Unreal know. I nearly impulse bought a course, but I told myself that for Unreal, I should work in a team, rather than trying to do nearly everything myself like I did in the smaller 2D engines. SO I came to post this here since I didn’t see any threads about it, and because somebody might be looking for educational resources on this.

Udemy is literally always on sale. I suspect that being on sale more often than not is actually illegal in most jurisdictions.

Not to mention Udemy actually hires shady companies that use spambots to promote (read: spam) the bleep out of twitter, facebook groups, and other media where UE4 is mentioned or has ue4 members active in i.e. community form.

so much in fact that we ban anything udemy related on the ue4 groups on facebook.

I think Udemy is great, and I’ve been using it to learn about all sorts of stuff from programming, art, self-help, and more. The quality of the programs are usually better than what you find for free on YouTube. While it’s true they have sales all the time, this one right now is pretty massive, with many programs for only $10. A good deal for courses that can range from a few hours, to even tens of hours.

However, maybe I was the only one that clicked the link. It actually takes you to the Unity section. Sick troll.

Why are you linking to Unity courses? o_0