Unreal Copyright Rules?

Hi everyone! I had a few simple questions just wanting to clear things up.

I am writing a two-volume novel series and for each new chapter page I am including artwork for the reader to visualize a particular scene by actually looking at the environment and characters that may be stationed in it. I am doing this by building the whole scene in Unreal Engine 4.11 and then rendering a snapshot of the screen and putting it through some image effects to make it look slightly more like a painting.

I was wondering if I would actually be able to publish my books including this artwork made in Unreal or if there are certain copyright rules for the engine I may have overlooked. Obviously if I use assets like trees or rocks that other people made I would have to get permission from them unless it is royalty free.

Anyway, looking for some feedback. Thanks in advance!

Hey The Big One,

You’re all good! You’ll probably want to read over the EULA really fast, but it does cover non-interactive media:

Edit: Almost forgot the link

Hey, thanks for the reply! I’m going to give that document a good lookover