Unreal Cooked Maps "No available maps were found"

When I try to build the project in ProjectLauncher, in the Cooked Maps section, “No available maps were found” in “Show All”.
In the Project Setting, Packaging section, I have include the list of the map in a packaged to build.
How can I solver this error.

Thx so much.

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I am facing the same problem. Any ideas?

Hello JJ_JIN_X, and welcome to the Unreal community.

I would try checking where in the hierarchy your maps folder is located. Here, a member has encountered a similar issue and resolved it by moving the Maps folder up in their hierarchy.
There is thorough discussion in this thread. I find this discussion to have much merit.

I hope this helps.

I was also stumped by this issue in the Project Launcher today. I’d previously successfully seen the maps listed here so didn’t think it could be the hierarchy solution noted.

I tried to build anyway and clicked ‘Launch this Profile’. It errored out immediately saying that the project does not exist.

The path displayed in the error output was incorrect. The launcher seems to have remembered a previous launch when the project was in a different location on a different drive. I reselected the project using ‘Browse’ to pick the correct path. Immediately the maps were then all correctly listed.

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If anyone is also putting map in the /Plugins/XXX/… path when developing plugin, then yes-- the UE will ignore maps in that path. Move it to /Game/… then OK.