Unreal complexity

Hello, I think you guys could’ve done better. First of all: When it comes down to texturing in unreal, it is supper complicated for no reason at all i noticed. I worked with Unity, and other applications, and this is the worst! I should be able to paint on my textures, rather than having to create layers for them in a complex way. I should just choose a material i want to paint with, kinda like Unities simple way.
What i hear from a lot of people is, that game engine designers are making things to complex for the average person. Words like flip flop means on an off in the graph. Why not just call it on an off SIMPLE understanding. I really like what you guys have done with it, but it’s just to complex for NOTHING! In some ways Unity has this beat, because of some of there simpler ways to do things. So in tail I might be leaving this alone for awhile, or forever. I feel like peeling my face off because of this program. To bad it wasn’t what i thought it was. For all you guys that are average in game making. “good luck”

                              To Unreal Staff: Please reply back i would like to hear your response thank you. It's still a good engine almost up there with Crytek Engine!:confused: