Unreal Community in Ireland?

Hey everyone.

My family and I just relocated to Dublin and I was wondering if there are any Unreal devs here I can meet up with?
Any meetups / events or the like.


Hey there are no meetups or events in Ireland for unreal engine currently.

That’s a pity. Guess I’ll look for some more generic game dev communities until we can start a UE meetup. Thanks for the info

There is group on facebook IrishGameDev that would probably be best place to ask. Also the game developers website to check for game developers events

There are quite a few developer events in London. You should be able to quite easily get a ticket to fly to London for the day or two on an airline for under £200.

Thanks everyone.
So I would love to attend some events in the UK, but that will have to be a bit later in the year. Being from South Africa means earning money in a currency that’s pretty worthless, and coming to Ireland was kind of a budget shock :slight_smile:

So plane tickets would be me and my wife and young son, plus event tickets plus UK visas end up costing quite a bit. So I’ll take some time and settle down here, and build some savings then I will definitely look into some events in other countries.

Thanks for the advice, I will check out the groups mentioned.

Hi there! I’m arriving in Dublin in a couple of months and I’ve been asking myself this same question. Did you find any Unreal devs meetup? (for sure now in pandemic mode we’d need to adapt how we meet each other)

There is none afaik. The unis only teach Unity. :wink:

What a pity, man. But thanks for answering!

No worries… Yeah its a pity… Epic sent over Hourences a while back, but it didn’t convince anyone at one of the larger UNIs, and now they still use Unity. I think the main problem though, is that the UK massively overshadows Ireland when it comes to actual game dev. The UK may even be #1 for game development in Europe, especially at the higher end. And unlike other countries, Ireland offers no govt incentives / grants for game dev either, which is a self-inflicted wound. The Govt knows this, but is still debating what to do, so there goes another decade! If a billionaire named Sweeney was ever to show up though, that might create some buzz. :stuck_out_tongue: