Unreal, clicks on actor not registering in certain areas

So I have a Tower Defense game, where you click on Cannon Platforms to bring up the shop UI.

My two other levels don’t share such problems as they are far smaller than this map, but this isn’t the first time I’v eran into problems with the clicking not working on large maps.

The issue is that on my current map, out of the 10 platforms I have, only 3 of them register me as clicking on them and bring up the shop UI. The actor in question has a OnActorClicked node which brings up the UI, and this is the only map where this problem occurs, with it being significantly larger than the other two.

Linked is a video showing this issue, where the first platform doesnt work, but the second brings up the UI as intended.

Are there any settings that declare a workable area, or something to that sort, because I cannot think of a reason this would happen.

What are the chances that something else is intercepting that click. Something that we’re not seeing? Like a fully transparent widget or another collision box.