Unreal Christmas (With VR support)

Merry Christmas!

I put together a little winter wonderland environment over the past couple of days.

Press left mouse/trigger to throw snowballs! Try to catch snowflakes on your tongue. You might have an eerie feeling that you are being watched, but it’s probably nothing. What’s that you say? How is it snowing under clear skies? Anything is possible in VR!


Download: MEGA

Notes: Press alt-enter to enter VR mode.
maintains 75fps on GTX760. If you have a slower system try setting r.ScreenPercentage to 100 in the console.

The demo launches a browser to play some YouTube Christmas music in the background. I recommend minimizing it (and any other open windows) to make sure it doesn’t eat any GPU time.


Really cool, Nice job!

Nice, love the clean simple look. =)