Unreal Challenges- a new way of teaching UE4 Game Development

Hi. I got an interesting idea. Currently, we have Unreal Engine Forums , UE4 Answer Hub, and the blog. I suggest a new website section, specialized on teaching UE4. That section could work something like that: on the main page, there could be found different text boxes with images, describing various challenges.(with difficulty levels) For example, a challenge might be ,script a FPS game mechanic with Blueprints.’’ You click on it, and a page is oppened, showing you a video of how that mechanic should work. The section also has a series of modular tutorials, each one focusing on certain aspect. On the same page with the video, under it, there are links to modular tutorials related to the knowledge needed to complete that challenge. So…you learn from modules and try to complete the given challenges. It is some sort of questing system. Of course, there could also be stand-alone tutorials. What do you think?

Nice idea, I think unity has something like this. Maybe you could make a website with different tutorials and stuff (I could help with tutorials).

There is already so many nice tutorial videos out there. Maybe we should also start collecting, organizing and grouping them somewhere.

I think some kind of contest like they have on Polycount of CG talk would be really cool. I would definitely take part in some of them.

I agree with Samsterdam. If you made UE4’s curriculum about taking what they’ve learned and making something original or to a set of guidelines, you could offer prizes to the best submissions…

The most notable example of this was a multi-studio contest called Dominanace War. Albeit it might be a struggle doing something like that single-handed, however, ZBrushCentral also do smaller contests where the winner and runners receive a painted statue of their artwork.

Hi mahri726,

That is an interesting idea! I’m going to pass this along to be taken into consideration. Have a great day!