Unreal Challenge: Creep It Real

Hello everyone! Its been a while, Im back with a new project that i’ve just started. It’s about the new unreal challenge: creep it real; for this project I decided to make a cemetery, but not an ordinary one, but one on the day of the dead (día de muertos).

My first project was about a haunted mansion, so now I decided to do something more traditional and there is no better way to make a tribute to one of the most beautiful traditions in my Country “Mexico”. As usual I will be uploading my progress weekly until the challenge ends. Wish me luck!

For now I’ve just made the research (moodboard), the blocking of the unreal scene, and the main building, which is a kind of church. Hope you like it!

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Hello Again, Im back again with some progress of this week for the unreal challenge: creep it real! This week y basically modeled and sculpted (the terrain) some assets and some of the modular parts of the main building so as their respective uv’s and assigned basic materials to them.

Secondly, I started to block the look and feel of the illumination so I started to play with some post-Process values, during this week I’ll be working more deeply on this, like creating a LUT and adding more lights to the scene.

Finally I did a vertexpaint material and applied it to the ground-terrain, just to blend some ground textures and give more variation to the ground. Probably in the future I would use this material for tome other assets, like the main building (The cathedral).

I almost forget! I started painting some cempasuchil flowers, a special flower that is said to guide the dead to their respective altars on the day of the dead, they are basically everywhere, so this week I’ll be modeling some petals in order to paint randomly the scene with them!

For now, some screenshots of the las week work, hope you like them!

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Hello Again! We are only a few days before the deadline for the creep it real project, So I decided to upload my project progress until now! This past days I’ve been doing a LOT of set dressing such as painting flowers and trees with the foliage tool, modeling some remaining assets.

Then I realized that I had to fill the environment with graves and candles, so I decided to make blueprints to generate variations to the tombs and candles and scatter them into the scene.

The illumination, post-process and lighting was also a thing that I worked on this days. This week would be mainly for refine details(set dressing: decals, models, etc), lighting, and the final camera animations!

For now, here are some images:

Can’t wait to share with you the final result. see you until saturday 29th!!!

Hello Again! Today is the deadline of the creep it real contest . It has been a challenge to do it in such a short time but it has been worth it, I had a lot of fun doing it and I hope you like it.

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Greetings @Alex97ln !

There were so many Creep It Real entries that this is my first time seeing your project. I’m so happy that I’ve come across it!

The Day of the Dead is an incredibly beautiful and meaningful celebration of both life and death. It is a wonderful reminder of how death is a part of life and how we must honor both.

Your project is exquisitely seen through bright colors, flowers (marigolds), symbols, papel picado, and calaveras softly illuminated by the candles lit in respective reverence. I can appreciate your project as it brings forth ideas of family, spirituality, and acceptance. With our communities, we have a special moment to come together and reflect on the cycle of life and death, letting go of grief and embracing the joy of life! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

As far as you can remember, what was the most difficult part of completing the challenge and what was the most rewarding?

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