Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never - Submission

The Light of Hope

In the time when everything seems hopeless there is always light that charges you and brings you back to life.

Student Submission: Yes

Engine version: UE4.26

Credits to sourced content:
Concept Art “Crushsite” by Nachshon Rubel at ArtStation
Volumetric Clouds by Michael Kinsey at ArtStation
Quixel Megascans (Canyons of Utah Collection): Rock and Cliff meshes and textures, footprint decals, ground material
Music Cinematic atmosphere score 2 by Musictown from Pixabay
Beep Sound by EdR from Pixabay
Wind: Desert Monolith by Proxima4 from Pixabay
Sci-Fi Machine Power-Up 43779 from Zapsplat
Sci_Fi Power-Up by Ryan VanEerde from Zapsplat


Shot 1-2

Shot 3

Shot 4

Shot 5



Beautiful scenery and I really liked your mood.
fantastic work.


Thank you:)

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