Unreal can't use more than 8GB Vram and closes

I’m working on a nonrealtime animation and I need to use every setting at max but today I got an error saying your VRAM is not enough and Unreal editor closed itself.

Before closing I just used a monitoring program to see if my vram is really at maximum and I found out it is only using 8GB out of 11GB available so I figured out maybe Unreal can’t use more than 8GB and there must be an option to increase it.

Does anyone know about this?

I was thinking about upgrading to a new graphics card with 24GB vram but if Unreal is not using two third of it I wont. This is sad.

It doesn’t seem the case if it’s capable of SLI increase of VRAM too. It could be a console variable, or something in one of the .ini files that is adjustable. I’d try looking up the instructions for setting up SLI and perhaps something about increasing the texture memory pool or memory pool sizes.

The editor does not support SLI, also SLI doesn’t combine VRAM

It’s possible that your system is using the remaining VRAM rather than that UE4 is only able to use 8GB

I used MSI Afterburner to see how much VRAM is used and it was 8GB when UE4 crashed.
And I’m not looking into SLI.