Unreal can't open my project anymore


Since yesterday, I can’t open my project on Unreal Engine 4 (4.26.2). I tried many things:
1- updated all my drivers
2- verify my Unreal Engine installation
3- disabled temporarily my antivirus
4- installed it again
5- deleting Config, Intermediate, Saved files in my project
None worked…

I’m working with C++, not blueprint, and my code is compiling in Visual Studio with no error, so it’s not that either.

Here is the link to my log, as I can’t upload it here (new account because it’s my first post here) : DarkEye-backup-2021.08.17-15.30.14.log - Google Drive

Does anyone have any idea how I could make Unreal work again, please?

I think you are calling the constructor of your UObject derived class.

to “construct” UObject use either…

  1. NewObject
  2. CreateDefaultSubObject

Thank you, it worked !