Unreal C++ Project Renamer

I’ve written a small tool to help me rename a few projects I had, it’s pretty simple really it just does a lot of the tedious work of changing all of the text in the files and renaming the things you need to - I’ve used it on a few projects and it seemed to work fine - I’ve also used it on a few that were previously renamed and it did not work - so your mileage may vary :slight_smile:

Make sure you back up your project - I’m saying that here and I have a reminder in the app - I don’t want to hear your project was nuked and you didn’t have a back up - back it up first! :slight_smile:

OK without further ado - here’s the app https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-qyHpQ7JYRR1UXLjAQEMhXtseQxS8UJm

Good luck - hope it helps a few people!