Unreal Build Tool - Telemetry Provider

Hi all,

I just pushed the code to create a simple UBT telemetry provider to GitHub. In our team we use it to control building times and more.

Usage instructions are on GitHub too! Hope you enjoy it ^^


Hi, this seems nice, but it’s new to me: do you have examples of typical ‘hosted JSON-RPC 2.0 web service’?

Is this not quite the same as what can be done with a continuous integration server like Jenkins?


I will add a sample later using a hosted python server and a DataBase. We use it primarily to detect when compile times grow, of course Jenkins and any CIS is a great plus, but these stats are collected from the developers boxes itself. Its also a way to know what is every one doing, for example if you have to estimate a task you have to know how much extra time you spend just building the engine/game code. This can also be integrated within the UFE pipeline to check cooking and packaging times from various developers.

In the past we had quite some good outcomes with such a system using UE3, you notice at the moment when things take longer as expected. Epic uses its own internal tool to track all those stats.

Once I got an example ready (should be fairly easy) I’ll add it to the project.

Thanks for the feedback!


I’ve just updated the Provider with some fixes and a very simple server that you can setup in just a few minutes. The server features a simple JSON RPC 2.0 RESTful web service and a sample page to view the submitted stats in raw form.

Both the provider and the server can be used to track quite some stuff :smiley:


Okay thanks, I’ll have to try this, seems really promising!

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I tried using this with UE4.18, but it looks like several of the tables referenced by the server code have long since been removed by Epic (it looks they removed them in the old //depot/UE4 branch, so can’t even see the changelist where it happened).

I don’t suppose you’ve happened to maintain this project locally? :smiley: Without being able to see a working example it’s hard to know what it was supposed to look like or whether I’ve overlooked something and am missing large part of the functionality. Epic’s telemetry system has no documentation and no examples, so your project has been really helpful to getting this up and running. The UE3 build tool stats were super userful; it’s a shame they didn’t expose more of the examples/usage to licensees in UE4.