Unreal Bucket - high quality asset library smoothly integrated with UE editor

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well!
I’d like to present to you a project that my friends and I have been working on for months. Unreal Bucket is a standardized, high quality asset library created specifically for Unreal Engine. We’ve built a plugin that smoothly integrates with the editor, allowing you to add content directly to your project with just one click. Our goal was to simplify the proces of importing for the user and give them control over what they import and use in their project.

I happy to invite you to our closed beta test. If you’re interested in checking our Unreal Bucket, please sign up on our website - https://unrealbucket.com/. We’ll be sending out invitations, group by group, so don’t worry if you didn’t receive one right away.

Here’s a quick Unreal Bucket overview video.


Your job is excellent. I will leave a suggestion.
A year ago I did a test where I spent a week with my google account and services disabled, and started using Bing and Youtube. I noticed that when I left youtube and searched on Microsoft’s Bing I felt that my brain was uncomfortable and that I wanted to use Google.
After thinking a lot I concluded that Google standardizes the Layout to induce people to use only Google tools, they use some type of psychological technology to generate this discomfort.
Apple, Google use this technique of standardizing text colors not only for aesthetics but also to reduce the fatigue and stress of spending hours in front of a computer.
This blue is very beautiful, but I wish I had an option to add the colors of Unreal so my brain would be less tired.

I love the idea. I’d like to know what the cost or pricing model is.

As a retired hobbyist only programmer, I am, however, not interested in expensive subscription based products. A one time payment for a plugin that I can use to manage my own marketplace assets would appeal greatly. Paying a monthly subscription for a whole bunch of assets, while it would be nice to have, it isn’t something that I could justify the expense on, so I am unsure about that model in my case.

Good luck whichever way it goes, and I have signed up for the beta.


Thank you. I totally get you. We will release the plugin and some of our assets for free (15-20% of the library). You don’t need an active subscription to access them. All assets you previously downloaded, regardless the subscription, also remain yours. We plan to introduce 2-3 plans and/or fixed points pack so you can choose whatever fits your need. It just cannot be expensive. A personal library is one of the most anticipated features, and it’s already on our roadmap. We believe it’ll change the way users manage/migrate their assets. The beta will help us to estimate maintenance costs so we’ll be able to share more details later.

Really great work!

I’d love to see the personal library. Managing assets over multiple projects is quite annoying right now. Having a solution that may is also capable to work on LAN for multiple user would be awesome. :cool: Looking forward to see where this project is heading!

Hey guys. Here’s a quick update video.

Please make a Mac version eventually! We need you :slight_smile:

We decided to open the beta to everyone! We added more free content too! Sign up and check the plugin: https://unrealbucket.com/

Hi everyone. We successfully migrated the plugin to UE5 (we support 4.27 version too). Make sure to grab the newest update: Unreal Bucket.


Hi, I just found this plugin today and it is excellent…

This will be useful for us but I am also hoping it will solve the biggest problem in our team which is hosting content created by our 3d team

So we would like to either upload or have a network folder that contains our assets that other team members can add to their projects without the migration process. This will save us so much time and storage. We do a lot of projects that reuse assets.

Is this possible somehow or will it be possible in the future?


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Hey Ryan,
Sorry for the late reply. We currently work on “Personal Library” support which is the first step in the migration process. Users will be able to add their assets into Unreal Bucket and use them locally in new projects. Network sync would be the step next, so yeah. It is possible. Our online library works that way.

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