Unreal beginner questions.

Hello I am just starting to learn Unreal. Lots to learn.

As I am following the different tutorials and lessons I like them to help me develop my current project.
So if anyone can help out with instructions or point me to the right tutorials I would really appreciate it.

What I am trying to achieve is simply import a small terrain object (fbx). Have a standard camera that can follow along the terrain as close as possible without clipping. So I want to look ahead as the camera moves up and down according to the terrain height map. I’m guessing the first person camera rig can do that, but I want to learn how the rig was setup and how to change the collision distance.

Second thing I want is to have several onscreen user buttons that can turn on and off different material textures of the terrain model.

Thanks for any help.

OK first part I figured out and it was very simple. Add in your fbx, assign a custom collision object with UCX naming, drop in a first person camera rig and done. Works really well.

Ok second part… toggling material on and off using in game button.

Fgure out how to trigger it in game - lots of ways to do this.

Then you create a blueprint with functions.
depending on what it is you are changing you may prefer to implement an interface. And since you are learning you probably should.

Or you could just create a trigger and run the whole thing off the level BP.

You will need to study material parameter collections, dynamic material instances, and type casting to achieve this.
once you understand the basics it becomes rather simple.