Unreal Bathroom with Shield port

Hi everybody,
here is a project we did for a client, a simple bathroom scene. The original project included also a menu and the possibility to interactively switch beetween 6 different sets of materials on all wall and floor tiles. We also ported it on our new nvidia shield tablet…it’s an amazing piece of hardware…we were able to make the port without basically touching almost anything in the scene, just tweaking some console variables for performance…it works at 30 fps even with ssr! check the videos in hd and also visit our portfolio on






cinematic video:

the project running on nvidia shield:

Very nice, well done. =)

That looks awesome. Any advice on what console variables are work tweaking to get better performance from the Shield?

Looks like an uncomfortable toilet :wink: But wow!! Really amazing.

Hi sterne/MaarDigital - very impressive, and I’m very excited to see UE being used for commercial work!

I’m seriously impressed by how well that Shield demo is running. Have you guys tested UE on any other tablets?

Thanks a lot… now i don’t really remember all of them, we saved a list on one of our pc…will try to find it again… but basically we experimented with all the variables listed here:

Thanks …yes we tested another scene, not this one, on ipad-iphone …you can see it here :

Friend …
Really, I’m drooling here with its quality …
It is to provide a tutorial ???
And this reflex mirror …
Please have to show how you got this effect ???
Especially for the mobile version.
I have a Shield Tablet, if it were not asking too much, you do not make available the .apk for me install on my?

I thank your attention …
Very amazing your work.

Beautiful work and that floor is perfect! It’s inspiring to see UE4 able to make animations like this.

Someone needs to make a great material library for Architecture, I’d buy it.

Awesome! Great work. Your materials are fantastic. We just picked up a shield for testing, so it’s nice to see it works on a such a high fidelity scene!

good afternoon! please tell me how to make such material ? how to make them ? and where they do? and I began to wonder just when this rendering renderings ?

Very hard to understand your question. Materials are made within Unreal Engine editor. Your best bet is to follow these official tutorials from Epic : Good luck!

This looks beast! Hope you don’t mind me asking, did you use 3ds max for the assets and if you did are you able to recommend any tutorials or websites that taught you?


we need a tutorial not only show your talent, tutorial please or share the project

Well done, inspirational.

Mind = Blown. This is amazing!


As a developer, i’m humbled

As a gamer, i’m boundlessly excited:cool:

friends can u pls suggest which is the best institute in the world to learn ue4 from the scratch to pro ???

Just my opinion but if it’s for Architecture the artists here are great! Just hang out, start a project and learn.