Unreal Backs Paladins

Paladins is using a complex profit system which I do not judge. Games need profits. But Paladins is also utilizing Unreal Engine to do so.

I have openly stated that once the game is clean, I will pay. The game has openly turned into what we call, “The last stance”.

It’s not fixing or improving, yet it takes time to attack non-payers ensuring losses.

I remember when I payed for Paladins on an old account. My hitmarks were landing always. I remember thinking, “I wasn’t even aiming good, why did those land?”

After the new mix of things I have 4 people on my team always idle and me carrying. Sometimes I get mad that it’s just me playing.

I suggest opporitunities for teammates but it’s clear they are watching me and not them.

UnReal needs to stop games that attack higher level players for a tax.

This has nothing to do with this forum
If you have an issue with a particular game, take the issue up with the developers.