Unreal = Auto desk

Hello guys.
Can unreal engine uses 3d models created from autodesk maya / mudbox ?

UE4 can use models from any package capable of exporting FBX, and that includes Maya, Mudbox, 3DSMax, Blender and others.

  • it also supports obj files from all kind of 3d programs :slight_smile:

Does autodesk maya supports files from blender?

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Many programs have their own specific file type, like 3ds Max has .max files and Maya has .ma and .mb files, and blender has .blend files. These files are usually only compatible with the program that created them. But, there are some universal formats like .obj and .fbx that many programs can import. Blender can export .obj or .fbx files which can then be imported into Maya, you just have to make sure of what features you need, for instance .obj is only good for geometry, but .fbx can import animated meshes and has more material features.