Unreal assets for Twinmotion

I’m looking for some guidance with Twinmotion assets. We are an architecture firm that has been requested to do some exterior renderings for a project and we need to be very detailed with showing correct plant types surrounding the building. We recently started using twimotion 2018 v2 for our renderings and are realizing the vegetation library is extremely limited.

I am wondering, is it possible to buy and download an asset pack from the unreal marketplace and load them into twimotion? I have never downloaded anything from the marketplace or really used unreal engine at all, I just know it is now the base for twinmotion and hoping the two platforms are compatible when it comes to file types. Are the asset files in the marketplace .fbx files? Any guidance on this would be great! Hopefully twinmotion looks at expanding their library in future versions because items are very sparse right at the moment!

I second this request. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Hey guys,
This is from the Marketplace FAQ

Usage Rights

  • How can I use the products I’ve purchased from the Marketplace or Learn Tab?
    Besides using them for learning, experimenting, or prototyping, you may use Marketplace products in your own shipped products. However, you can’t sell or sublicense Marketplace content to other developers for use in their products, e.g. via website or ecommerce mechanism built into a 3D development tool.

  • Can I modify the products that I purchase?
    Yes, you are free to modify any product you purchase from the Marketplace.

  • Can I use these products in other gaming engines, like Source or Unity?
    Any Marketplace products that have not been created by Epic Games can be used in other engines. Please note that products purchased from the Marketplace cannot be sold back to the Marketplace after alteration.

  • Can I share products with my team?
    Yes, you can share Marketplace products with your team but only for the limited purpose of the project that you are jointly developing. Content pooling or sharing products between developers outside of your organization is prohibited. Team members also cannot use products in an unlimited fashion for their own projects.

***Now with that being said you WOULD have to use UE4 to convert/export the models to FBX because the UE4 files are in the .uasset format…to export the file from UE4 select the mesh/es you want, then go to File > Export selected… ***YouTube video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuAC82_dB5g.html)

***Also you might have to use a 3D editing program such as Blender (FREE) or MAYA…ect. to have it be right when you import it to whatever program you are using, in this case Twinmotion.

Hope that helps.

No that doesn’t help.
I have the same hunch that it should be possible to load an unreal asset as a twinmotion asset somehow since twinmotion is built on unreal engine. Going through FBX seems like it would unnecessarily add a lot of data to an optimized file, right?
However Abvent seems to be very proprietary about it’s asset creation process so I guess we’re out of luck.

You would need access to the source code of Twinmotion to build new libraries into it, even any .uasset whose version is the same or earlier than the engine version used to build Twinmotion.