Unreal ART - Mouse Control Mess-Up After Import

Hi guys, again. I have some problems with camera control in Maya 2018. Actually i am using plugin MayaFps for better camera control, that works great, but if I will run ART in Maya, my mouse control is messing-up. When I am moving in horizontal direction my screen just rotating, but I want control like in Unreal Editor. How can I fix this? Thanks for read.

Hi there,
Sounds like your Maya is switched to Z up axis setting because ART tools require it, but your viewport mouse settings was previously in Y up.
This is easy to reset, once you load your character, make sure you have your viewcube visible (top right). Sometimes you may have to switch to
Legacy Render mode. Hold LEFT CONTROL and Left click on the House Icon on the viewcube. This will reset your camera viewport controls to the new axis setting.