UNREAL archi & interior Artist & Developer in VR


My name is Leo

I am an Unreal Artist & Developer in archi & interior Visual.

My professional career began as 3DS MAX, Vray designer (interior design).

I work Real Time visualisation with Unreal Engine 4.

I’ve attached several links to my works:

[video]UE4 interior 室內 動畫 - YouTube

change mtl: 室內換材質 - YouTube

VR tour: UE4 interior movie VR test - YouTube
VR tour (take things): HTC VIVE室內傳送拿東西 - YouTube

[video]360 interior movie ue4 - YouTube

And my main forte is Visual for the UE4 and level design.

Currently I’m available and looking for work.

If you need more, please check my WEB:

Email & hangout -

Best regards



Wow! This looks really fantastic and like it took quite a bit of effort. I really love the living room scene a lot :smiley:

Fantastic work mate! Are you baking your light in Unreal or Vray. I noticed you’ve been doing both. Keep it up. I also passed your name along to these guys they do some amazing work too.

Beautiful work!

One thing I thought i’d mention for the second living room scene. The leather couches? The cusions look a bit odd, kind of like they’re melting? What do you think?

thanks Alexander!
i always see you in unreal livestream, your are handsome guy!

i spend much time to adjust this model, and in VR project, you can change material and furn, if there have chance, i can show you more in VR.

by the way, nice conversation to you!

i just baking light in unreal for 5 hours, and also make vray in front of unreal engine,
there is a lot things to do in ue4, ex:UV2,lighting,material,BP…blabla.
i think this is future in archi & interior,what do u think?

and your website is awesome! i will take it to my favorite!

Wow! Very good work! All the best for your future projects.

Hi Leo!
How long it takes to make such apartments?

hi EJtheArtist :

i think this leather is bad, so i will change in next version
thanks for your comment!

HI puppin
model is about one week !
VR is 1 month

Nice work :slight_smile: But if you want to expand the possible amount of work for possible contractors. I suggest you include at least a light weight english page on your web site :slight_smile:

Sent you a mail for work collaboration. Not sure you received it. Nice work tho !

Thanks Mithril:

i have edit my page,
you can check again

thanks for ur comment!

HI Elseware-Experience :

i get email, just reply to you

thanks for your comment and like !

some archi





[video]360 interior movie ue4 - YouTube