unreal app in background

Hi, I’m attempting to make a goal style app with Unreal as blueprint fits the way I think. My question is, is it possible to have a Unreal app run in the background on iOS, Android, with things like timers, notifications, music, text to speech, and without a hectic battery drain? Also is there any way to have screen elements show on Apple/Android watches? I would obviously just like to be able to make anything with Blueprint.

As for iOS there are background mode restrictions, so your app would need to comply to one or several of them. [Here][1] you can find reference to what is acceptable. For Android, your only hope are services (at least in some cases), but i dont’ know if UE4 supports any of backgraound service functionalities. Note that it is not a perfect solution, as service can be killed by os without warning.


Thank you for your reply. Maybe server notifications will be a work around.

Yes, server notifications can resolve several of your concens, however they won’t solve things like music playback.

Mmm, looks like I may need to research more, no point making an inconvenient convenience app, thanks.

Sir, do you have any available blueprint to show this?
I am trying to make an Alarm Clock for my “to do list” but I don’t seem to know how since I am a new user to this engine and have no any knowledge in programming

do you have any available blueprints to show for this? pls let me know

What exactly you are inetrested in?

I am making an App same system as an Alarm Clock. It is my “To do list” that notifies me Every 45 minutes in my Phone. Thanks for the reply

Well, I can’t provide you exact resolution to this problem, however mobile platforms provide system for scheduling local notifications. This should work on both android and ios, but won’t fire notification periodically. For periodical notification you should look for Alarm Manager for Android (I don’t know name for ios equivalent).
This is only from mobile point of view, I don’t know if UE provide any of mentioned functionality. You have to dig rest yourself, maybe ask someone from ue staff, or search market for plug-ins.

can you pls give me a link where to ask UE staffs? (sorry I’m new here)
I have also a friend that told me I can’t do these things using Blueprints unless I do it in C++. Is that correct?

Your friend could be right. However when you do it with C++ you can create a blueprint for this. Blueprints are usually abstraction for C++ classes.
To search for ue staff you should look on unreal forums.