Unreal Animation newbie advices

Hi guys!

I am new to unreal engine and I would like to create some animations with it, can anyone explain to me how the animation pipeline works?

So far I have only created a few idle animations … but at the moment my goal is to create an acting scene with also some environment interaction … In this case what is the best way to create and import animations?

If my character has to move around the environment, without me using the keyboard (as you do with idles) but following just the animation that I made on Maya … How should I import it?

Should the environments be imported in the same way as the character skin, directly from Maya?

Thank you all and sorry for the silly questions!

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Import as FBX from any program u created the animations at. im not so expert on animations my self but importing them as FBX is what i know and what works the best for me. i do create some simple animations my self and i import them as FBX to unreal engine. and it works very good. i use blender tho. :slight_smile: hope i helped