Unreal Animation Export makes Blender switch to 25 FPS

I created a simple cube with 2 bones in 3Ds Max and imported it in Unreal as skeletal mesh. Then I exported the animation from Unreal as FBX.

If I load this FBX into 3Ds Max everything is fine: It is imported with 30 FPS covering all 200 frames
BUT: If I load this FBX into Blender, the Framerate Changes (in the Dimensions Panel) to 25 FPS (I set it to 30 FPS before import) and covers only ~170 frames.
Importing the FBX which was exported by 3Ds Max, everything is fine in Blender. So I assume, that Blender doesn’t like something in the FBX format coming from Unreal.

Here are two test-fbx files. One exported from 3Ds Max and one exported from Blender:

Hey iLegacy,

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve entered UE-40312. You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.

Just a note, I’ve posted this bug also in the blender bug tracker and the guys checked the files:

"OK, so checked the files, Unreal one has TimeMode set to 0, aka eDEFAULT_MODE, aka ‘use the frame rate you want’, so Blender and 3DSMax are free to do what they want here am afraid (at least official docs says nothing special about this mode).

3DS one has TimeMode set to 6, aka eFRAMES3030 (aka black & white NTSC), which we can interpret correctly.

So definitively sounds like UE4 bug to me, when exporting animation you should always set an explicit framerate! Thanks for the report anyway."

In case anyone want a temporary fix for this issue:

Open blender directory 2.80/scripts/addons/io_scene_fbx/import_fbx.py, find line:

real_fps = 25.0

and replace by:

real_fps = 30.0

Edit: this is better: