Unreal and Custom Editors Question

I have been wondering this for a while now and I hope to get an answer from an unreal dev at some point. But does anyone know if the dev team has plans to stick editor type stuff into some kind of wrapper so it’s all easily accessible for editor customization or am I just missing something? I understand slate and all that, but if you are trying to make a complex system, you legit have to dig through so much code just to find what you are looking for and then hope you got the correct module on top of that. Yeah, I might be ranting a little bit, but I am sure someone else out there feels my pain!

Slate is that “Editor stuff”. Many of us have made custom editors, you can leverage quite a bit of the code that’s already there to help speed things along. Is there something specific that is biting you?

Eventually we might be able to create full custom editors using “Bluetility” and/or Python; but for now it’s still all about Slate Cpp.

Ahh ok, I have been wondering that due to watching some of the official live training, where they do a quick once over on custom editor type stuff and he was saying check how things are done in the engine code. So I was thinking that I would be needing to access a bunch of different modules in order to do certain things. If its just slate then its a lot simpler than I thought. Thanks for the info guys!