Unreal and Android v26 - Icon issue on Pixel XL

Recently I got a warning on google play deploy saying I’d need to update to v26 soon.

After updating my App icon have circles around them on my Pixel XL. This apparently is because I don’t have “adaptive icons”.

How can I fix this?

Here’s how I was able to fix this:

  1. Create an icon set using Android Studio’s icon tool (documentation)
  2. Copy the icon set to the project’s “Build/Android/res” folder. The icon set should look like a set of folders with names like “mipmap-hdpi,” “mipmap-xhdpi” etc.
  3. Add the line: android:roundIcon="@mipmap/[image_name]" to the Extra Tags for <application> node array in ProjectSettings → Android → Advanced APK Packaging. [image_name] should be the name you used when making the icon set with Android Studio (mine defaulted to ic_launcher_round).
  4. Package the project. The addition to the android manifest should allow the packaged apk to use the adaptive icons placed in the build folder.

Thanks - I missed your response at the time - will check this out!

Looks like this isn’t supported in NDK 24 which is the one shipped with 4.20 - how did you update?

I have Android Studio with later SDKs installed but that doesn’t seem to help.

And now there is this workaround:

The above process works for me though it doesn’t use the _round icon on my pixel, it’s using the normal icon (but rounding it). I also found the icon extremely pixelated at the suggest 108 resolution, 512 looked sharp, trying at 256 now.

Hi,if I package my project with 4.21,which version of NDK should I use?

Think you can use 24.

This gives packaging error for me