Unreal Analytics?

Does Epic Games provide anything yet similar to what Unity now offers for game analytics? They have heat maps inside the game engine to show where players spend the most time (green overlays) and die (red overlays) along with a level breakdown to help you see where the bottlenecks are in the game for fine-tuning it to provide your players with better gameplay. Also they provide market intel on which mobile devices people are using to play your game in different markets. So if you want to reach the 14-17 year olds in China, you could see which phones and pads they are playing on to help you decide on platforms for your game. Since UnReal and Unity seem to be two brothers fighting a battle for the best game designs, I thought perhaps UnReal may have a similar offering. The announcement from Chair about giving away the $3 million in virtual assets from Infinity Blade II just peaked my interest in UnReal to take another look, but it would be nice to have such capabilities in UnReal like I had in Unity.

I don’t think that they have any sort of heat-maps, but they do have a profiler which can help you know what the bottlenecks are. I do think that a heat-map would be useful for map design, to create choke-points, etc…

That would be sweet, but you would probably have to make it yourself, or if someone wants to make a plugin for the marketplace. :wink:

I was thinking of something like this, as I work in business intelligence and analytics so this kind of thing is right up my street. I’m very pressed for time though so might be tricky.

I guess something like this would need to take the form of a server side plugin? It would need to be game agnostic…