Unreal AI/Behavior Tree/Perception Questions

I want to implement AI but I’m confused about few things.

  1. Stimulus Sensed: How does this work with the expiration of a stimulus? For example, if age is set to never expire does that mean stimulus sensed will always return true? Or does it fire true then false until a new sense is detected then its true again?
  2. Age: What if I don’t want the age to expire based on time? What if I want the age to expire manually like when my AI has gone to investigate the stimuli source and realized nothing is there? Time based expiration only seems very limited, unless things are supposed to be done differently?
  3. Dominate Sense: What does this mean/do exactly?
  4. How to actually make a sense dominate? I want sight location to always win over hearing location, does this just come down to how I implement the seeking behavior?
  5. Can I set Black Board Variables to null? If not, what is the workaround?
  6. Resources: I can’t find any good detailed examples for sensing with two senses at the same time. All AI examples I have seen just do one sense (sight). One sense would be easy to manage, but how the heck does one manage trying to use two senses where one sense is primary the other secondary.

You can check my samples HERE , “AI Example” contains Robot AI with Sight and Hearing senses implemented .

I was searching for information about the hearing sense, I could find a lot. The sample project contains a lot of good tricks and ideas to do things and it has a nice structured code.

I will first implement the debug classes so I can better see the actions my current AI is performing.