Unreal actor rotation not exact

Hello UE Answers!

My editor/project seems to be bugged or somehow misconfigured.
Whenever I rotate an actor in my scene the rotation snaps to 90° but when I check the rotation in the actor details panel the rotation is not exactly 90°.

Is is possible to fix this problem?


Hey Andrew!

Thanks for the reply.

Here is the viewport of the ‘bugged/misconfigured’ project.

And here are the rotation snapping settings from the ‘bugged/misconfigured’ project.

The bug persists through to the new empty project.

Hello ,

This small decimal value could have been offset if you turned off your rotation grid and rotated your object slightly by accident. Do me a favor and create and entirely new blank empty project (Blueprint First Person). Drag a static mesh into your scene, and with the rotation snapping on, rotate the object 90 degrees. If you are still seeing the same results, let me know and I will assist you further.

Also would you mind providing a screenshot of your viewport with the snapping settings and your object you are rotating in your scene?


Hello again ,

I was able to reproduce your bug in 4.5.1 and in 4.6 builds of the engine. I have made the developers aware of this bug. Unfortunately this is something that will probably not be fixed because it is such a small decimal float change and is how the engine handles its numbers. It should not have much, if any, effect on your projects overall outcome.

Thank you for the report and if you have any other questions or need further assistance please let us know.