Unreal Academy: Enterprise training


JUNE 6 & 7, 2018


Meet us in Raleigh for two days of training - more info coming soon! [TABLE=“border: 0, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0”]

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This will probably sound like silly questions, but I have never been to one of these and am interested in attending, but am unsure concerning a couple things…

First, is there a site that will further outline the agenda, I received an email invite but it was not very informative beyond where, when, how much.
Second, what does one need to bring to this? My work station is a desktop, is there benefit to attend if you do not have a laptop, etc.?

I do hope I am not jumping the gun by asking questions that have answers that will be revealed naturally as time progresses.

Glad to hear you’re thinking of joining us in Raleigh!
You’ll find a list of classes in the agenda here: . When you click on the registration link in the invitation email, you’ll see the full course list and you can select the ones that interest you most.
You don’t have to bring anything to the training - if you attend lectures, you are not expected to have a laptop; if you attend workshops, workstations will be provided.

Training Program Manager
Unreal Engine Enterprise

Thank you very much. I see the Architecture & Visualization Track is precisely what I need.

Registered to attend.

Good thing you did, I hear it’s almost filled up!

Man, things got busy for 5 days and didn’t see the schedule until now and all the arch viz labs are closed. That was fast!

You have the foresight to do these training courses in Europe? or offer the possibility to follow it online?
I’m very interested in upgrading my skills on Unreal Engine.

We’re looking to try to expand things. Since this is the first time we’ve ever done it, we wanted to start small and see how things go. We have plans to try to regionalize this, just don’t have details for you. We’ll record the lectures, but not the labs.

I’m having an issue registering. It’s telling me I need select another registration type.

I think it’s because we’re full on certain classes. I think there are very few spots left at this point. We had more demand than we expected and Raleigh conference center can only accommodate 300 people.

Are you saying that the conference has reached max capacity? I was also having trouble registering for it on the website. I would love to attend, but the website tells me that I need to select another registration type when I enter in my first and last name and email address.

I’m told we posted a notice.

Darn. This filled up quickly. Hopefully next time I can secure a spot sooner. Looking forward to seeing any YouTube videos that come out of the conference at least :slight_smile:

Sorry. We basically had 2X the demand than we expected. Unfortunately, we couldn’t 2X the facilities or we would have.

I read that the courses (but not the labs), will be recorded. Will they be available to all or only to attendees? If attendees only, can we pay the academy fee to get access to the courses?

All courses will be made available for free. Might take us a couple weeks to get it all assembled/edited.

Streaming will be available? or at least being able to see the 2 days training on YouTube?

They won’t be streamed, they will be recorded. Expect availability a couple weeks past the event. Meanwhile, dive into our existing learning.

are you going to stream this?