Unreal A source of engine 4.11 is VisualStudio2015, and a build won't be done

Unreal A source of engine 4.11 is VisualStudio2015, and a build won’t be done.

When a build makes the source of UnrealEngine-4.11.0 me, the following error is indicated.
" When OculusRift.uplugin" is eliminated, a build will be done, but an engine doesn’t stand up any more.
I have come to the version of 4.10 by a build with no problem.
Please tell me solution method.


Plugin ‘OculusRift’ failed to load because module ‘OculusRift’ could not be found.
Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project.


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I have the same question! I wonder how to fix it!

If you’re talking about the [FONT=Courier New]release Branch on GitHub (which at this point is 4.11.2), I see the same. By default, [FONT=Courier New]GenerateProjectFiles.bat will create a VS2013 solution there which won’t build due to unknown override specifiers (I suppose because VS2013 doesn’t fully support the new C++0x features). Passing [FONT=Courier New]-2015 to the Batch file creates a VS2015 solution, but this one doesn’t build either with lots of errors after a [FONT=Courier New]GENERATED_USTRUCT_BODY() (as if a semicolon was missing somewhere, or something similar). Bottom line, neither VS2013 nor VS2015 can build the [FONT=Courier New]release Branch from GitHub at this point. Trying with [FONT=Courier New]promoted atm, which generates VS2015 by default (and I believe thats a good sign).

I’m not sure what to say because I have built a RELEASE branch from Github starting with 4.11.1 and then with .2 when it came out, that one as well… I know there was an issue about over writing the release with some sort of preview, but I think that’s been fixed. Apologies if I missed something…but, I am having no issues…


Not sure what problems I had there, tried [FONT=Courier New]promoted afterwards (some 4.13-ish version) and it built just fine. Might have been some older binary files lying around that messed things up.

Ack! 4.13, that’s pretty out there and might give you some odd things… I would give it another try… delete the intermediate folder, reg. the project files, and see. I like using the built version because I’ve added plugins into the base so when I create new projects they are there… yeah, its easy to add plugins… I think I just wanted to learn how to do it. <smiles> Good luck!