Unreal 5 - Upload Configurator to a website

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Sorry if this question is asked a lot, but I can’t seem to find an answer to it and I really need help!!

I’ve created a configurator in Unreal 5 for selecting colours and sizes for a client who sells shepherd huts, and they want to have the configurator on their website.

I’ve exported as a GLTF file and explored those options but I haven’t really got anywhere (happy to try again tho), and I’ve also contacted a site called Furioos that upload and host unreal projects on their servers, but they don’t have support for UE 5!!!

Has anyone had any success with uploading a unreal file onto their own personal website?

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To host a configurator online there are different roads, I would recommend solution 1 first:

  1. you can use a web viewer and glTF for that. glTF is carrying 3d scene, very limited configurability information and no UI info. It can only support material variants at the moment. So you have to end up using some extra services that add the configurability, UI, UX, on top of your file. you could check that for example 3D Configurators - Sketchfab
    You have to re build the configuration in the 3rd party environment but they provide tool to help you do so as well as create UI and hosting.
  2. you can use a streaming services where you host the unreal application on the cloud and you redirect user towards it. This solution can become costly as you need to have instances of your application always running on the cloud to be ready to serve potential end users. Also you need a third party like Furioos to help you with all the side elements.
  3. some users generate different images for the configuration, with layers and filter and use another application to composite images based on configuration.

Hi UE_Flavien, thank you very much for your reply. I’m currently looking into Sketchfab, but I need to reduce my scene size as there’s a limit on there. I’ve also looked into Furioos, and you are correct they are expensive, and unfortunately they don’t support UE5…yet, but they are my back up.
The images is also a back up idea, but I would like the user to be able to pan around the shepherd huts in realtime.

The company Pikcells seem to have done really well with this https://www.pikcells.com/gallery/relic-cloud-configurator, and this in store configurator In-store sofa configuration tool | Pikcells I have reached out to them and I’m awaiting a reply.

I’ve just seen Pikcells have raised the bar!! https://www.pikcells.com/portfolio/ue5-powered-web-based-3d-planner

I hope Unreal do an article on this and it would be amazing if other studios were able to upload their own scenes for clients to customize.