unreal 5 system requirements

Hi there, I’m not a graphic artist myself, but I’m looking for info about the computer needed to run unreal engine 5 properly. My son is a student graphic designer (freshman next year) and I want to give him a good computer (desktop ?) for his birthday, his graduation and his new start in the art school that he’s going to attend. Your help is much appreciated!

One lucky young man! For a future-proof desktop:

  • 8-12 core CPU: 5800x / 5900x (5950x if the budget allows it)
  • minimum 32GB RAM, 3200 MHz will do fine
  • a modern graphic card, a GeForce 3060, 3070, 3080 - depending on the budget / availability
  • 2 NVMe SSDs with at least 1TB capacity each
  • quality Gold+ rated power supply so none of the above fries

Lots of good reading in this thread, too:

Wait those are the requirements

I’m running on a gtx 1050 ti with 8 gigs of ram and only have like 200 gigs of space

Recommended specs for that demo. You can get away will way less but utilising the features to their full potential requires awesome hardware. Nothing new here.

Future proof not minimum. My friend runs ue5 with 6gb

Hi, my laptop has i7-7500U, 1tb SSD, 64g ram (2gb GPU though…)
It works fine on UE4.26, but cannot run 5ea at all


when I saw the minimun specs I thought I’d never be able to run UE5 this laptop.