Unreal 5 Quixel brings the material as M_Ground_Grass

Hello. I 'm an ArcViz Artist, just starting with Unreal. I was working with the embedded Quixel Bridge when after some good imports, started importing all the materials as M_Ground_Grass. So my question is. Is it a bug or something I am Unaware of , or my mistake (Let 's say, I accidentally make some adjustmet and all imported mateials are coming with M_Ground_Grass as they Parent)?

Well applied Quixel materials are Instanced so yeah a parent can be the same material as applied as an instance of that parent. Just a guess but M_Ground_Grass would be a good name for the parent as to a group of instanced materials referencing ground and grass.

If you had imported a ton of ground and grass assets a common parent is the way to go and makes sense.