Unreal 5 memory usage is different than what windows is showing.. Which is correct?

In the image, the top (black) shows what Unreal says it’s using for the project.
Then the bottom is what my task manager says it’s using.
Why is it different!

There could be a lot of other things working in tandem with unrealeditor. Check if there are some other processes working as well. It is quite possible unreal is showing you all the processes combined together, while you are checking only one thread that is ueditor.

Also get more RAM, 8GB is not enough for 3D work whether 3D animation or Game engines, get at least 16GB to be on safe side (to handle large scenes).

Yeah I figured as much. I actually have 16 gigs. My memory usage actually goes up to 11 gigs during some processes in unreal (creating landscapes, etc). It’s the old windows Task manager ■■■■ of only registering 1 stick until it goes over 8 Gigs once after startup. yay Microsoft… :roll_eyes: