Unreal 5 Keeps Crashing whenever I add animations to the Sequencer

I have a scene created in unreal 5 and I have characters animated in a sequencer. everything was fine at first. ever since I added a character with a control rig into my scene my project would start crashing. but it was crashing once an hour so I was unfazed. but it became more frequent, until now where as soon as a open the sequencer and add anything to it. it crashes straight away.

is there away i can see whats going on?
i don’t know how to read those output logs or crash notes.

Hey there @OmariYounis! Welcome to the community! First we have to see what caused the crash. We know something involving your sequencers now, but now we’re going to have to read the callstack that comes up when you crash. So when you crash there will be a window that looks like this. You can click to view the directory to get the whole set of crash logs or copy the callstack from that window there.

Your log files should be in your projects’ Saved directory wherever your project files live. Uploading those will allow us to get a bit of a better idea of what may have occured!

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i would like to but. im a new user and it wont let me upload my report. and the report itself is more than 75000 characters long so I cant send that either. is there another way?

see if this works?


Pastebins work usually for things like that, sorry forgot to mention that, but dropbox is fine in this case. So that log had a couple of non-fatal errors, like your Particles_Wind_Control_System/Blueprints/Components/Wind_Update having some problems but nothing to crash you. There might be a different log file that has an exception in it. It might have the .backup label behind it if it’s not the most recent run of the engine.