Unreal 5 keeps crashing on sequence scrub

Hi All,

I have a master sequence set up with 12 level sequences. For each level sequence I make some levels, that contain my assets, visible and hide others. But when ever I scrub my timeline in the master sequences or move my timeline indicator outside the range of the current level sequences it crashes.

It is not 100% consistent. But if i scrub several times in a short time period it wil crash.

It generates the error below. Because it says something about the outliner it feels like it has troubles keeping up with populating the scene and loading in the assets. Is this a bug or am I doing somthing wrong. I have googled the error but all the hits point towards blueprint errors / logic error. This does not help because I did not create any blueprints in this project.

The assets I am using are cleaned up CAD files imported via Cinema 4d using Cineware and Datasmith.

Oke, small update. I noticed that when i remove the level visibility system out of sequencer it is no longer crasahing.

Does any one have any similar experience with the level visibility system in sequencer, maybe in UE4?